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Mechanical Animals

Last night, I had a dream that I was riding mechanical animals there were covered in leaves.



Last night, I dreamed that I was in a huge board meeting with tons of businessmen. Someone spotted a cat out in the lake. I rushed out and found a couple people already trying to save the kitten. We pulled the kitten out of the water and found that it had a fractured arm.


Last night I had a dream that I was directing a movie. As I went I would edit the scenes and change things around. but the movie contained the editing process so it was always changing as the movie progressed. For some reason I was in dance class in high school with Sylvia Jania. Several of us were working on independent choreography. Sylvia (dance teacher) took us to a resale store. I think I accidentally hit someone and it was a big deal cause they thought it was on purpose. I saw some copper pans that I wanted to buy but I asked the security guard and he said copper was a really bad quality. Then I was being chased through a giant mansion. My entire family was there and they were trying to hide me. Even my cat was there! I traveled around the house trying to hide. I finally made it outside and there was some kind of military practice going on…..except it looked more like capture the flag. I hid in the trees while the soldiers ran around. I then made it far away, behind a mound of dirt that felt really safe. Somehow I still got caught and brought back the mansion. Whoever it was threw me in a garbage shoot. It was too small and I got lodged in middle…. I think thats where I died. 😦