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Last night I dreamed several crazy things. The first was being in the giant skyscraper hotel and walking down this red carpet stairs forever. We (i don’t know who else it was) made it to the ground floor and walked out the door onto the grass of a foot ball stadium. there was tons of people sitting on picnic benches eating and I think there was a game going on the other half. Someone had a cake, me and this other guy took half of it for ourselves haha mmm cake. Then this African American actor came and started talking about his career as an actor. There was a flash back to his sit com which he choose to spend his career at, kinda his signature role. The flash back was of him joking around with his co-star. They were making jokes about how white people think all black actors are the same. It was funny. Jumping back to me there was a weird scene where spiders came out of me….yikes



I had a dream last night that I got the newest Droid smartphone. It was really fun to play with except that I was at work. I was at my desk that was in this really dark construction zone. There was ruble everywhere. There was just some emergency lights on to see around. For some reason there were a couple of student workers around just hanging out.


Last night I dreamed that I was at a party in a giant old mansion from France with a really high ceiling. Everything from the head level up was filled with water. We would jump up and swim around except it didn’t really feel like being underwater. I could see, talk and breathe normally. I was really fun to be swimming around and meeting people.

Sleeping in the Streets

last night I had a dream our bed was in the middle of the city. It was strange because we would sleep there every night.

I remember walking into a building and finding some homeless people  talking trash about the people around them in French. I told in French them they should be more careful because there are a lot of people that can understand what they were saying.

I went into a building where CJ was trying to sell a bunch of his old things. He ended up having enough for several floors. He had many pieces of furniture that he made himself out of plywood and paint….hahah don’t think anyone was going to buy it.