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Last night I had a dream that I was with my friend stu at a party. For some reason I brought my cat (a couple of other people also brought cats)! It was more of a formal martini party. The funniest part was that JTT was there. Yes thats right JTT from Home Improvement! Except he looks more like this now: We hung out for a while then JTT and I went to the corner store….well, more like I followed him. We went back to the party and everyone started moving on to another party. This really got my cat weird out and she started running into traffic, weaving in and out of cars which freaked me out. I finanlly caught my cat and followed the party migration. Stu hated the whole and complained the whole way about how everyone was stupid.


Castles in the Water

I had a dream last night the I was on the shores of England and there were ruins from a town destroyed by wars. There was also a track that service carts went on. We (me and mystery person) jumped no a cart and it took us on a roller coaster like ride…which I hated. It dropped us off right by the shore. line. We went swimming in the water the was rather dark. Not far off we found an underwater door that led into this giant castle the was erected for defense but couldn’t ever be seen. Inside there were tons of people. It was also full of theaters and shows.