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Last night I had a dream that I was at a small house party with some high school friends at a house in the woods. This salesman came and cashed the party and starting trying to sell stuff. Turns out he was trying to sell his life coach services. He was worked in the theater….guess he wasn’t making enough money. Somehow I ended up at his “theater” which was actually a stage inside a giant basketball court. He lead a tour group around…trying to convince them his theater was really innovative for using a gym (haha). After seeing the grand theater I went to his house where there was some kinda of cast party…except for part of the cast was crazy. They came in with guns while yelling at us. We ran around the house trying to hide. I waited until it was silent then I tried to go up the stairs. A couple of these people had machine guns ready and fired from the top. I was hit in the chest with several bullets and I somehow made it back to my hiding spot where I bled 😦