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Zombie land

Last night I dreamt that I was on a giant airplane that had buildings inside of it. I was with my family and of course my cat. Suddenly the drops and crashes into a city. We walked of airplane and into the city. Once we got out into the city we realized that there was something very strange with it. There were huge rats and the people were like zombies. I touched one guy’s shoulder and it fell apart like rotten fruit. We found a high hiding place so that rates and zombie people couldn’t get to us. Then there were other people that looks like aliens trying to hunt us down. We ran from place to place and there was a mixture of real people and zombies.


Losing face


Last night I had a dream that I tv was on a set and one of the makeup artist came by with what looked like a cigar cutter and it shaved off a layer of skin on my noise. After she left I noticed there was skin flaking off on the side of my noise. I pulled on it and it became like a string. The more I pulled the further it ripped along my check then down to the base of my jaw and up to my hair line. After I had pulled it off, the entire side of my face was falling off, flapping to the side. I tried to hold it onto my face so maybe it might grow back. I tried to get the makeup artists attention, but she couldn’t find anything to help me. I begged for at least bandaes to hold my skin on, but there was nothing so I just had to hold it against my face.

Yin Yang

Last night I had a dream that we moved into an apartment but we were African Americans. We had some weird job at a club. I remember watching TV and there was a creepy commercial. It was like a 1970s cartoon. There was a man in a suit, and the camera zoomed out and it showed that he was holding onto a giant balloon. As the balloon rotated, it showed that one side was a sad elephant face. I can’t explain how creepy it was. At the end of the dream I helped Bill Crosby set up a scholarship for underprivileged youth.