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I had a dream the other night that I was walking down halsted st. with my brother. We were chatting a comparing phone and I told him about my dream….that I just had that same night. The previous dream was about a group of people living inside of an airplane. I think it was too dangerous for us to go outside. For whatever reason the plan was next to a giant gold tower. We went up the tower and looked over the city which was really scary. We also found an old train line and jumped on a train that took us to an ancient Italian village which was also made of gold…I finish telling my brother about this dream and we find a coffee shop. It was actually an Anne Sathers but they had removed all the tables. Inside there were a bunch of indie kids listing to open mic night. We went to the back and leaned up against a piano and listened. The hostess asked the guy playing the guitar to play something from Romeo and Juiliet.


Give Peace a Chance

Last night I dreamed that I was being chased by military students. I had to hid in the shadows and tried to disguise myself with a black scarf I found. I was running from room to room of an old cottage when I came through one door that led to a giant theater with the most incline to the seating that i have ever seen.  There was a modern dance concert going on, I recognized that it was my sister’s show.  I went down to the very front to watch. There dance was about 20 girls in white  and at the end they all changed costumes to represent each country of the world and as cheesy as it is the song changed to “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon. My sister came off the stag and sat next to me crying. She asked if I was moved by the show….and if I wanted to hear that song again.  I said yes and she cried more.