Archive for February, 2011

The other night I had a really strange dream that I was back in Paris and my dance friend and I were rummaging through boxes of costumes at a theater. I went around the corner and found an co-worker that left our office not to long ago. She was always tall and skinny, but something looked really wrong with her. She was frail with gray skin and thinning hair. She told me she was dying of cancer and Paris had the only hospital that could treat it. She laid down and I noticed that more of her hair was falling out and her muscles were failing her.



Last night I had a dream my job somehow involved checking out houses. My entire office was out with me. We came across that a house that I recognized. It was the home of my best friend in high school (that I don’t speak with anymore).  I knew his family moved away so I told my co-workers it was fine to go inside. They sat around while I rummaged through the left over kick-knacks, in surprising good order. I got a box and started grabbing books and games that the family left behind. Suddenly the door swung open and the entire family of my high school friend came in…. apparently they moved back in. The family was soooo mad at me for attempting to steal their things, breaking in and bringing my entire office in. I went around trying to apologize but didn’t have much success. Then my high school friend showed up with a gypsy family that he had married into. They came in like a heard. They played music, smoked, and ate some weird parts of fish. I think my friend so too out of it to know what was going on.



Last night I had a dream that I visited my sisters house and she had gotten a couple more cats. These cats were huge and they were as tall as great danes. Normally I like cats but they kinda scared me cause they looked like they could kill me.


I had a dream last night that my brother and I were working at the same office that was full of glass walls instead of cubes. I looked over and saw my aunt taking about how she can’t stick with small businesses anymore and wants to own a giant corporation. She left without saying anything to me. My brother said she didn’t say anything to him either.

The second part of the dream I was leaving a restaurant and one of my teeth on my right side was loose. I tried pushing it back in but it only made it worse. Soon my tooth wouldn’t stay in and came out. It was strange because in the middle it had a shock absorbing section to take the pressure of chewing and clenching your jaw. My tung went exploring the site of the missing tooth. Gently pushing against the inside of my teeth I felt my whole upper row becoming loose. Sure enough the entire top row came falling out. I tried so hard to put it back in but it just wouldn’t look normal. It was either not in straight or too far to one side.