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Holy thursday

Last night I had a dream that I met the drag queen Raja. She was really nice…until I asked to be facebook friends..for some reason we were in an underground parking garage on London. I left and walked around and there was a casino in one part of the lot and a huge market in another. I keep on wondering around this underground  parking lot when I came across Raja again and some other people that I was familiar with. We walked into a room and realized people were shooting arrows at us. We all hid but one little girl got hit in the ear. Raja and I left and she told me I would have to pretend to be one of the missing drag queens…..of course I didn’t bring my hair and make up so I had to refuse…even though I would have been on nationalise television.


It comes apart

I had a dream two nights ago that I had made a paper-machet kitten. When I finished I put a fur over the cat and sewed it up. It almost looked like a real kitten. To my surprise it began to move, I set it on the floor and it started walking around. It moved really strangely though, a bit shaky and not at all fluid. My other cats rushed to play with it. Since it was really made out of paper it couldn’t do much to defend itself. I quickly picked it up from the other cats. I then noticed the seam was coming apart on the underside. At that point Patrick came in the room and saw the paper kitten coming apart in my arms. He quickly left saying he had a good idea. He came back a few minutes late with a really bizarre looking hand. He had cut off his arm and created a paper-mache arm and covered it with skin. I quickly yelled at him to grab he real arm and go to the hospital. He tried to take off his fake arm but he created a huge mess….then I woke up

on a misson

Last night I had a dream I was with several other people on a mission. We had gotten on a boat in the middle of the night and traveled to a old stone church which we scaled the backside. Once inside we were supposed to take care of the people inside….I didn’t realized that meant that one of my teammates was going to be killing them with a spear…

Ohh brother


I’m not sure why but in my dream I was with my brother when his arm was severed. I remember telling him to pick up the severed arm laying on the ground and take it to the hospital. He didn’t seem to care at all.  He ended up living his fine with only one arm. He smiled and walked around like it never happened. Every time I saw him though I felt guilty, like it was my fault he lost his arm.

At the same time my brothers arm was cut off, somehow my large toe was cut off. Unlike my brother I grabbed my toe and forces it back on. It started to grow back together after a few days but I would occasionaly step on it wrong and would start to come apart.