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    Last night I had a creepy dream that my boyfriend wanted to go on a vacation but he didn’t want to pay very much so he found an abandoned house in Cheboygan (MI) to stay at. It was a very strange house with eerie flower print wallpaper from the 50s and a musty smell. The house had about ten floors, many of them underground. There was no electricity so we had trouble exploring the underground floors….which was scary because we never knew exactly if there was anyone else there. After we were there for a little while people started showing up, just starring at the house… We caught one person who snuck in and was hiding in a closet. We pulled him out and tied him up and found he had a gun on him. We then put him in one of the underground floors for safety. For some reason we still spent the night
    Some other locals came back because they thought we had bought the house. Then my boyfriends parents showed up, I guess he invited him. As his parents were talking to the locals that stopped by, I overheard that this house was haunted and that a group of people had been murdered by one guy… and no one knew what happened to him. I immediately told my boyfriend that we should go. He agreed. I grabbed some of my bags and took them to our car that was parked far away. On the way there, I came across several people that just starred at me. When I got to the car there was a women waiting, one of the locals that had visited earlier. She told me that there was a curse on the house and that I should know about the books of magic. She said there the only way to leave would be to read the book of magic. I put my things in the car, rather disturbed and headed back. On the way back, I came across a farm and a small girl came up to me and just starred at me. I quickly glanced over to see an older man on the porch of the house starring at me as well. In an incredibly low voice he said “you shouldn’t be here, you need to leave”. I turned and headed away from him, towards the haunghted house, all the while I could hear him repeat that phrase over and over.
      When I got back to the house, I went looking for this book. I found an old leather bound book in a basket by the fireplace. I opened the book the flipped the pages around looking for something to help me. I stopped on one page that struck me and started to read the words aloud. The second I started to pronounce the words “Se Heaegon” my voice dropped and came out as a raspy deep whisper of someone else’s voice. My throat dried up and I couldn’t finish reading the page. I looked up and one of my co-workers was standing ten feet from me holding out his hand. I tried and tried to speak but I couldn’t ….and then I woke up to a fire alarm going off upstairs in the hallway and oddly there was a puddle of water on the floor below it.