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    Last night I had a dream I was dropped into a 1990s movie about a family that all had wings. One of brothers was a young Brad Renfro. The family was at a hotel meeting with some extended family that had come into town. It was very clear from the beginning that I was not supposed to be in the movie but they went with it anyway. Their little daughter was really cute, clearly an upcoming  actress and was the only one that would really talk to me since I was an outsider.  I was basically ruining the plot just by being there, I could see it in their eyes.

There was something strange about the daughter, she had small black wings unlike the rest of her family and kept on asking me the same question over and over. She wanted to know if Spain was still considered a great kingdom. For some reason, I didn’t have the answer abut tried to help her figure it out. When I started speaking with the parents they just glared at and stated that we all had to leave. We jumped into a convertible car with the top down and drove off.  There was some aerial shots of the entire family letting there wings out while driving through the desert. Then there was me in the back seat, I really super excluded since I didn’t have wings…bummer. We got to a park where there was more extended family, all of which glared at me like I had the plague. I again started asking about Spain and a couple of the older men pushed me against a tree. Fearing for my safety, I quickly started climbing. I made it up a couple giant limbs which was a safe distance but I decided I better not take my chances. As I was climbing the tree that I was barely touching the branches to get higher, almost like I was shooting  straight up. It was then I realized that I had HUGE wings propelling me into the top.  When I reached the highest point of the tree I just kept on going. The family was so far below me they looked like dolls. I kept flying alone into the clouds, swooping through the air. I am actually afraid of heights so I was constantly panicking and falling but getting back up above the tree line.

I flew all afternoon, it was amazing.