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Spirit Animal

Last night I had a dream I was traveling with my brother and his friend. We ended up need to stop at their new apartment that they were renting at the top of a sand dune. The sand was actually blowing into parts of the apartment, making it look like they were becoming the same mound. On one side of the apartment was a giant wild cougar sleeping. As we walked to the other side of the apartment to reach the door there was a fawn. I paused and looked the fawn directly in the eyes and it didn’t move so I decided to get a little closet and hold out my hand to show it that I wasn’t threatening. I got close enough and began petting the fawn who was eating up the attention like I’ve never seen. I was really enjoying the fact that the fawn was so friendly when I remembered that the cougar would kill the fawn in a second. I looked over and the cougar started yawning..maybe even waking up. I quick grabbed the fawn and held it against my chest and to my surprise the fawn relaxed in my arms. I then whispered to my brother and his friend that we should get in the house and we hustled along the side of the building. It turns out the sand had built up so much that we had to climb into a higher window on the backside. Once we were in side one of my brother’s roommates stated that Edgar (another roommate) had stolen all their money and left.  I set the fawn down inside the house and then began to look over the house with them but to no avail, it was gone and we couldn’t leave on our trip like planned.