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Velociraptor ATTACK!

Last night I had a dream that Patrick had really badly cut his fingers.  I said he really had to do something about it because he had some of the bone showing. I left the room and when I came back he had cut off the first segment of his fingers. I begged him to go to the hospital but he said it would heal just fine as long as the bone was below the flesh. We went in another room that had a revolving glass door that opened up to the air outside of the building about 10 stories above ground. My cat charlie was inside the glass door pushing her way out. I yelled after her but she push the door which in turn pushed her out the side of the building, only to fall.

Then  I joined some sort of fight club. There was an army that met in an underground training area. I followed a friend around the training area, not to excited to fight after what happened to Patrick and Charlie. The group was suddenly attacked by another army. All I remember is mounting on a velociraptor and destroying several of other soldiers.