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the light filled hunt

Last night I had a vivid nightmare that my brother was trying to kill me. Our family and several other people were staying at this nice vacation condo with several floors. Everything in the condo was all bright white or made out of mirrors,  it was all full of light. He  was upset about something but I didn’t think it was a big deal. We were on the top floor and he started pacing back and forth. Suddenly He began violently punching a wall that was one giant mirror. Instantly I jumped up. Somehow I  knew exactly why he was breaking the mirror; he wanted to use the broken glass to kill me. I started sprinting through the maze of the condo, knowing full well that he was  just a few steps behind me. My heart was beating incredibly fast as I fled from room to room like I was running through a forest. I was terrified at what I knew was destined to happen. For a quick moment I thought about hiding but I knew he’d for sure find me. I ducked around the corners as fast as I could, I even jumped down a flight of stairs only to look up and see him still after me. There was no way to loose him. There was exit out of the white condo. I found myself in the basement where some of my family was standing quietly. I ran up to my sister hysterically crying that my brother was after me.  I knew he wanted to kill me but I had no idea why. The door flew open and he calmly walked down the stairs towards me. I looked up as his eyes full of rage, took a deep breathe with tears running off my face and woke up.