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in the air

Last night Charlie (my cat) slipped into my dreams. She curls up on my pillow and sleeps leaning against my face. Last night I had a dream that I was running into an airport with my sister and brother in law.  I was way behind them since my dress shoes wouldn’t allow me to move my feet as I normally would. Rushing through the airport we finally make it on the plane. I was in such a rush that I forgot to check my cat to be in the cargo area. Instead she was sleeping on my sister’s lap. The plane started moving so I didn’t say anything. After a while I noticed the plane was really driving on a giant road, seemed like forever on ground. I decided that I should confess to the flight attendant that I still had Charlie aboard the plane before it took off.  I went looking for the flight attendant and found her in the pilot’s cabin. She was a larger short woman with long blonde hair that didn’t seem to know the policies at all. She didn’t even know what to do with my cat, she wanted me to put her in the overhead compartment. I looked over and saw that the pilot was sleeping, completely dead to the world. My eyes widened with worry and looked back at the flight attendant. She leaned over with a grin and started pushing buttons and a throttle. The plane than made a stop, much like a bus to pick up other passengers. I started to wonder if the plane would even fly. I went back to my sit and held my cat in my lap hoping she wouldn’t freak out.