The Witch of the Wind – 8/10/2012

Last night I had a dream that I was working on a dance production that I wasn’t at all excited about. I got into the theater and then suddenly there was a tech crew connecting me to a harness and wires suspended from the ceiling. The landscape of the theater dramatically shifted to resemble a autumn forest. I was hoisted into the air and the golden leaves began to swirl about like a tornado. I was supposed to perform a duet with the witch of wind who was not physically visible, however I could see her shadow casted on the stage. The flew past her and the leaves flew about. We went back and forth almost like playing a game guessing who would do what next. I wondered if she existed at all or maybe she was a part of my imagination.

Back stage before the performance was to begin I found giant spiders along the walls of the green room. They were frighteningly large but strangely fuzzy. As I came closer to them I could see that these spiders were actually covered in tiny spiders.


One response

  1. This makes me shudder! I am arachnophobic and used to have dreams about spiders when I was a child. Keeping a dream diary as a blog is a fascinating idea. Many times in my life I have kept a dream diary and learned interesting things about myself from thing. Good for you!

    April 6, 2013 at 4:38 pm

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