How to live without your brain

Last night I had a dream my brother and I decided to remove parts of each others brains. I can’t remember why but we decided it would be for the best. My brother started by cutting off the back of my skull. He fished around and made some cuts before pulling out a small handful  Then I cut the backend of my brothers skull but unfortunately couldn’t find what I was looking for. I ended up pulling out the whole brain. I could see inside his empty skull. We didn’t seem affected at all by the loss. Then we put the brain parts in the fridge. We headed out to party. There was about 15 people at a house party having a great time. However the entire time I had an eye on my brother, worrying about his empty head. Catching glimpses of the inside of his skull from the back was startling. Suddenly I woke up in the dream, I had passed out. I knew instantaneously we weren’t supposed to go that long without our brain pieces. I called out at someone for the time, he smiled and quickly said it was 6am. It had been over 6 hours we were without the pieces. This was going to be a huge problem for my brother, possible irreparable. I woke him up and shouted for him to come. We ran out to the library where he lost energy and fell to the ground. I ran inside but no one was there. In my mind I ran through the possibilities, I could try to put it back myself…but I knew that wasn’t a good option, I had to find someone fast that could help. I got back to him and said “At least we now know that the soul controls everything and we can live without our bodies”. He turned his face away. I tried to grab his hand and he flintched


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