Lucid Dream

Desert-House-Covered-With-Sand-6     Last night was the first time I have ever realized in my dream that I was dreaming.  Even though I couldn’t control what was happening, it was an amazing feeling, like being on vacation or like I was suddenly in someone else’s life.  The dream started when the guy I’m dating and I pulled out a mat and cuddled in the middle of a gym floor. Despite the basketball game going on around us we continued to lay there. I woke up and I got up from the blue mat on the wood floor and pulled him off the ground to go back to my apartment. This is when I began to notice that nothing made sense.  As we entered my apartment I didn’t recognize anything except for the couch. There was dark wood trim everywhere and the walls were forest green. It was dimly lit in the evening.  I walked to the back and there was room after room like the apartment was growing and I moved around. The I’m seeing was moving his stuff in for some reason. I remember thinking that it seemed a bit soon and I didn’t remember us talking about it. We search around the house for places to put this things. We settled on one of the three front rooms I had. This room reminded me of a cabin with its antique furniture. I turned to look at him and didn’t really recognize him. He was much taller than me with curly blond hair and wore baggy cloths. He closely resembled a hockey player.  I went to the bathroom and came into a room completely made of stainless steel. There was several dishwashers for no reason. The room following ended up being the bathroom which was smaller than I remembered it.  Everything was so strange that I started having suspicions that I was dreaming. My roommate came home…except it was a lesbian couple and not at all my roommate. Me and the guy started walking back to the front of the house that seamlessly faded into a beach, as if the inside of my apartment was a part of the outside.  There was a barn on my left and the beach in front of me. As we walked I started talking to him saying “this is crazy I’m dreaming, I can’t even remember what my real life is like. I wonder if you look the same in real life. Do you think you actually the same, what if you’re different. I can’t remember what you actually look like”. Just then a horse on top of a horse stormed passed us.  I laughed, knowing that this wasn’t real. I smiled and looked at the unfamiliar guy that I knew. We took some stops forward before some birds in front of us refused to move. I was surprised that these robins wouldn’t fly off like they normally would, so I lightly kicked in their direction to scare them. Instead of flying away, one of them went after my leg, stabbing me with it’s beak. I instantaneously developed bruises and the bird finally flew off.  “such a strange dream I thought to myself”. I turned back to the hockey player and woke up.



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