AsianHornet5cI’ve been having some strange dreams and only remembering vivid parts of them. The night before last I had a dream I was laying in a park field with some friends on a beautiful summer evening. The sun was setting and there was a pleasant orange hue in the sky. We were laughing when we saw a flock of birds coming towards us. At first glance they appeared to be large birds but I realized the way they were swarming around and their colors, they were actually giant bees. The bees came straight for us and my group fled the field for a nearby building, many of my friends screaming the way there. Once inside I was out of breathe, dripping with sweat but slightly relieved to find that I was okay. I looked over to see one of my friends on the ground with giant welts covering her body.  Some of my friends that were able to walk decided to go exploring. I noticed that they were no longer talking or even making eye contact with me. I tried asking questions but they wouldn’t even acknowledge me. I became terrified; my heart beat increasing with every step while walking in this dark house with people that more resembled zombies than my friends. We reached the landing of a giant stairway and an old lady at the top was smiling down at us. At that point my friends finally took notice and started walking towards me. That’s when I bolted away, dogging down hallways, out of breathe, scrambling in the darkness.


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