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On the edge

maxresdefaultLast night I had a dream that I was playing a video game but it was real life.  My friend Ryan that I don’t know that well was there with me. We were standing at the top of a sky scrapper. He explained to me that it wasn’t reality and I shouldn’t have anything to fear. I stood at the top, gripping onto the railing, feeling the cold air cool the nervous sweat from my forehead. Suddenly I gasped as I watched him launch off the railing and plummet to the ground. Seconds later he reappeared next to me smiling. I guess he used on of his lifes. He did it again without saying a word while I still maintained my heavy grip on the cold steel railing. This time he didn’t reappear. I was alone in this game where there was no noise from the streets or the slightest sign of another person. I panicked in my head. My face turned red with anxiety. I knew I had to jump off. I put one leg over the railing and my heart fell out of my chest. I could feel how incredibly high this building was from the ground. Without thinking or breathing I pushed off the building and within a second crashed through a wooden roof and landed next to Ryan in what seemed like an old abandoned building. I could see dust settling in the few beams of light that made it into the building. I was so relieved to see him again but he seemed to be unconcerned at all. I began to open my mouth ask a question to figure out what was happening when out of the corner of my right eye I saw something move. I glanced over and saw three baby brown foxes slowing walking from behind us. At first I was happy to see them then the larger red mother came out bearing her teeth. Oh shit I yelled at Ryan and I pushed him away from the foxes. He didn’t seem to mind at all but I knew what would happen if we stayed. Fox-Family



AsianHornet5cI’ve been having some strange dreams and only remembering vivid parts of them. The night before last I had a dream I was laying in a park field with some friends on a beautiful summer evening. The sun was setting and there was a pleasant orange hue in the sky. We were laughing when we saw a flock of birds coming towards us. At first glance they appeared to be large birds but I realized the way they were swarming around and their colors, they were actually giant bees. The bees came straight for us and my group fled the field for a nearby building, many of my friends screaming the way there. Once inside I was out of breathe, dripping with sweat but slightly relieved to find that I was okay. I looked over to see one of my friends on the ground with giant welts covering her body.  Some of my friends that were able to walk decided to go exploring. I noticed that they were no longer talking or even making eye contact with me. I tried asking questions but they wouldn’t even acknowledge me. I became terrified; my heart beat increasing with every step while walking in this dark house with people that more resembled zombies than my friends. We reached the landing of a giant stairway and an old lady at the top was smiling down at us. At that point my friends finally took notice and started walking towards me. That’s when I bolted away, dogging down hallways, out of breathe, scrambling in the darkness.

Lucid Dream

Desert-House-Covered-With-Sand-6     Last night was the first time I have ever realized in my dream that I was dreaming.  Even though I couldn’t control what was happening, it was an amazing feeling, like being on vacation or like I was suddenly in someone else’s life.  The dream started when the guy I’m dating and I pulled out a mat and cuddled in the middle of a gym floor. Despite the basketball game going on around us we continued to lay there. I woke up and I got up from the blue mat on the wood floor and pulled him off the ground to go back to my apartment. This is when I began to notice that nothing made sense.  As we entered my apartment I didn’t recognize anything except for the couch. There was dark wood trim everywhere and the walls were forest green. It was dimly lit in the evening.  I walked to the back and there was room after room like the apartment was growing and I moved around. The I’m seeing was moving his stuff in for some reason. I remember thinking that it seemed a bit soon and I didn’t remember us talking about it. We search around the house for places to put this things. We settled on one of the three front rooms I had. This room reminded me of a cabin with its antique furniture. I turned to look at him and didn’t really recognize him. He was much taller than me with curly blond hair and wore baggy cloths. He closely resembled a hockey player.  I went to the bathroom and came into a room completely made of stainless steel. There was several dishwashers for no reason. The room following ended up being the bathroom which was smaller than I remembered it.  Everything was so strange that I started having suspicions that I was dreaming. My roommate came home…except it was a lesbian couple and not at all my roommate. Me and the guy started walking back to the front of the house that seamlessly faded into a beach, as if the inside of my apartment was a part of the outside.  There was a barn on my left and the beach in front of me. As we walked I started talking to him saying “this is crazy I’m dreaming, I can’t even remember what my real life is like. I wonder if you look the same in real life. Do you think you actually the same, what if you’re different. I can’t remember what you actually look like”. Just then a horse on top of a horse stormed passed us.  I laughed, knowing that this wasn’t real. I smiled and looked at the unfamiliar guy that I knew. We took some stops forward before some birds in front of us refused to move. I was surprised that these robins wouldn’t fly off like they normally would, so I lightly kicked in their direction to scare them. Instead of flying away, one of them went after my leg, stabbing me with it’s beak. I instantaneously developed bruises and the bird finally flew off.  “such a strange dream I thought to myself”. I turned back to the hockey player and woke up.


How to live without your brain

Last night I had a dream my brother and I decided to remove parts of each others brains. I can’t remember why but we decided it would be for the best. My brother started by cutting off the back of my skull. He fished around and made some cuts before pulling out a small handful  Then I cut the backend of my brothers skull but unfortunately couldn’t find what I was looking for. I ended up pulling out the whole brain. I could see inside his empty skull. We didn’t seem affected at all by the loss. Then we put the brain parts in the fridge. We headed out to party. There was about 15 people at a house party having a great time. However the entire time I had an eye on my brother, worrying about his empty head. Catching glimpses of the inside of his skull from the back was startling. Suddenly I woke up in the dream, I had passed out. I knew instantaneously we weren’t supposed to go that long without our brain pieces. I called out at someone for the time, he smiled and quickly said it was 6am. It had been over 6 hours we were without the pieces. This was going to be a huge problem for my brother, possible irreparable. I woke him up and shouted for him to come. We ran out to the library where he lost energy and fell to the ground. I ran inside but no one was there. In my mind I ran through the possibilities, I could try to put it back myself…but I knew that wasn’t a good option, I had to find someone fast that could help. I got back to him and said “At least we now know that the soul controls everything and we can live without our bodies”. He turned his face away. I tried to grab his hand and he flintched

The night the world turned against me

dark hallway  Last night I had a weird dream. I had a dream that my boyfriend and I went to a beach at night. There was some party were tons of people were drinking near the water. The guy next to me was being very aggressive and touchy with me. I tried to ward of his advances and keep the conversation low key. Despite my boyfriend sitting right next to me he eventually tried to go in for a kiss. I pushed him back and he immediate stormed off into the woods. I turned to my boyfriend and said “can you believe that!”. There was a strange empty look in his eyes. He responded with “yeah but that would have been hot”. My face flushed with anger, that was not what I wanted to hear. We both went into the house that was nearby. The house seemed to me like a very old orphanage. There was dark wood paneling everywhere and had a musty smell from many years. It had a very long hall way with many doors on either side  like a hotel. All the doors were open and the boys who lived there were having a party. It was evident that all these boys were gay ans still a bit young, maybe in their early 20s. I stopped in a couple rooms and introduced myself. I got halfway down the hallway and my partner disappeared. Suddenly the orphanage seemed darker, dingy and enormous. Almost as if the ceiling was farther away than it had been previously. I began asking were he was, but no one knew or seemed to care. At the end of the hall I found a grocery store that was bright and sterile, completely opposite of where I came. I wondered around the store mindlessly. I finally stopped near the deli to find some pâté. An employee tried to help me find shrimp pâté and tiramisus cupcakes that I had a craving for. I tasted many of the pâtés and cupcakes. After I found what I was looking for I went back into the orphanage. I took up again the search for my boyfriend. After looking in a couple rooms, I stopped in one room that was like the front room that had a giant wooden entertainment center. I saw my boyfriend slink out from behind it with a couple of the boys. He started yelling at me for coming to look for him. I tried to argue with him but his dark black eyes coldly starred back at me without emotion. He turned to one of the boys and kissed him, looked back at me and said “can’t you see its over, I don’t want to be with just you”. I lowered my head and turned around. Just then flood lights came in through the windows and everyone began to run like the place was on fire. In a panic I too sprinted out of that place.

I got to a far distance I realized I was in a parking lot, my boyfriend no where to be found. It was still night and I couldn’t see anything beyond the street light shinning on the black pavement and yellow strips. I remember thinking that I was in a southern state, like North Carolina. In the south I knew they didn’t use locks so I walked off the parking lot into the darkness in search of a house. I found a small white house which I got into by simply opening the door. The house was dimly lit and completely bare of furniture. I was so tired from running that I laid down on the wood floor on my stomach and felt the sadness of being along. I closed my eyes and got a few moments of sleep before I heard the window violently break open. My eyes flew open as I saw what seemed like a million snakes flowing into the house. They weren’t even snakes but they were long but instead of a head they just had a hole. They were dark green with two black strips circling around the neck before the hole. I jumped to my feet and fled for the back door, my heart beating out of my chest. I ran outside to the parking lot but this time I could see the street beyond the street light. I saw military trucks in rows going down the street. I could make out some of the officers running off the street and collecting people and putting them on a truck. I knew that something was after me, maybe it was the entire world. I crouched down and hid in the bushes. I caught my breathe and quietly headed down the line of bushes away from the house and street.

I came across another home with lights on. I went inside to find people playing card games. I knew these people were friendly so I sat down at the table and began to play. They explained this card game was the most fun game in the world, it was a mix of almost every card game that existed. I started playing when I noticed a jar with giant bees, the size of my hand. I quickly became concerned and then a lady with long brown curly hair laughed and pulled one out of the jar and attempted to hand it to me. I grabbed the bee by pitching the head and making sure that I didn’t get the stinger anywhere near me. The lady laughed as if I was being too cautious. Just then I heard something hit the window, I looked over and saw nothing. Then I heard the noise again, and again and again – getting faster and faster. I could make out of the darkness that it was more of these giant bees trying to get in. I was terrified but the group kept on playing their card game and laughing. I felt my phone ring, I pulled it out of my pocket to see it was my boyfriend calling. I went into the kitchen to talk. He told me in a dry voice that he was in St.Louis and he didn’t know if he could get back.

The Witch of the Wind – 8/10/2012

Last night I had a dream that I was working on a dance production that I wasn’t at all excited about. I got into the theater and then suddenly there was a tech crew connecting me to a harness and wires suspended from the ceiling. The landscape of the theater dramatically shifted to resemble a autumn forest. I was hoisted into the air and the golden leaves began to swirl about like a tornado. I was supposed to perform a duet with the witch of wind who was not physically visible, however I could see her shadow casted on the stage. The flew past her and the leaves flew about. We went back and forth almost like playing a game guessing who would do what next. I wondered if she existed at all or maybe she was a part of my imagination.

Back stage before the performance was to begin I found giant spiders along the walls of the green room. They were frighteningly large but strangely fuzzy. As I came closer to them I could see that these spiders were actually covered in tiny spiders.

What is death

ghost_townLast night I had a dream that I was on a group vacation in a southern state with mountains and a lot of trees. We were all staying at a old house in the country side. It was a bit chilly in the evening when we got there. The owner was there to greet us and  show us around. She was tall, a little over weight, frizzy blond hair and had black circular glasses on. She took us out to the front yard where we could see I steeple of a church above the tree line. She also pointed out the monolithic statues of animals on the mountainside. She took a deep breathe as she starred off at them. My boyfriend and I left to drive around and see the nearby city. We drove through the city and on our way back I noticed pillars and ruins of buildings in the woods on either side of street. I yelled to slow down, I couldn’t tell if we were just driving so fast it was a figment of my imagination or not.  There was clearly on ancient train stop that was dilapidated but the platform was still visible. A shiver went through me. I knew there was something wrong with this place. It felt like death.

We went back to the house and the owner was still there but this time smiling non stop. She hustled us over to a clothing store and insisted we put on uniforms. She complimented the girls we were with saying that looked so lovely in their uniform. Her smile made me feel more and more uneasy. I went into the dressing room to try on my uniform and when I came out I was horrified at what I saw. There were decapitated heads from everyone in the group lying on the floor and there bodies were in a pile in a corner. I ran over the on of the heads and even more disturbing they were not dead. I looked around quickly and no one was dead. Their eyes were wondering around and some even were trying to talk. Something else was happening, the heads were growing something out of their necks…more body parts. It was as if they were transforming into babies. Little arms and legs began sprouting from their severed necks. I heard something moving and saw the owner in the corner with the bodies. She was sinking her teeth into them and draining whatever was left. I saw the colors fade not only from the skin but their clothes too. I grabbed a rod I found on the floor and ran over to her smacking her on the head. I sighed a relief but looked back at the head and they started bleeding and dying.

Little Dreams

For the past couple of weeks I’ve only been able to remember fragments of my dreams. I thought I’d just share a couple of them, sadly I can’t remember any details

-I had a dream that I was in an x-men cartoon. There was some strange villain that was really tall and was made out of branches. He would was picking people and throwing them when professor X and I showed up shouting for him to put them down.

– I had a dream I went to the largest ice cream bar in the world…woke up before I got any

– I had a dream that I was with some friends and one of them was experimenting with tattooing. On one of the other guys he tattooed a phone which would actually would light up and function. A couple of other people wanted to have it done too. Somehow he was inking them with light. The ironic part is when the “phone” would be turned off they would automatically show advertisements



Last night I had a dream that I could move object with my mind like on Star Wars. It wasn’t that easy though. I could only move small objects. I came across a young guy in a old western ghost town that could move bigger objects much easier. I also remember that someone had slit the neck of a horse. Somehow I was able to help stop the bleeding. I looked up at the horse and he was smiling at me, I looked back down at his neck and he had blood slowly leaking. I asked a lady nearby if he’d be fine, she replied that it wasn’t a big deal at all.  The dream took place on a tropical island and I wish I could remember more details.

Mar. 3rd, 2005

last night I was walking through a hospital and I walked past a man screaming, his head was being cut open, I took an elevator up to the balcony where friends were drinking, they introduced me to guy that grabbed my hand and starred at me, I ran away and got lost looking through an empty hospital. I woke wondering.