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The night the world turned against me

dark hallway  Last night I had a weird dream. I had a dream that my boyfriend and I went to a beach at night. There was some party were tons of people were drinking near the water. The guy next to me was being very aggressive and touchy with me. I tried to ward of his advances and keep the conversation low key. Despite my boyfriend sitting right next to me he eventually tried to go in for a kiss. I pushed him back and he immediate stormed off into the woods. I turned to my boyfriend and said “can you believe that!”. There was a strange empty look in his eyes. He responded with “yeah but that would have been hot”. My face flushed with anger, that was not what I wanted to hear. We both went into the house that was nearby. The house seemed to me like a very old orphanage. There was dark wood paneling everywhere and had a musty smell from many years. It had a very long hall way with many doors on either side  like a hotel. All the doors were open and the boys who lived there were having a party. It was evident that all these boys were gay ans still a bit young, maybe in their early 20s. I stopped in a couple rooms and introduced myself. I got halfway down the hallway and my partner disappeared. Suddenly the orphanage seemed darker, dingy and enormous. Almost as if the ceiling was farther away than it had been previously. I began asking were he was, but no one knew or seemed to care. At the end of the hall I found a grocery store that was bright and sterile, completely opposite of where I came. I wondered around the store mindlessly. I finally stopped near the deli to find some pâté. An employee tried to help me find shrimp pâté and tiramisus cupcakes that I had a craving for. I tasted many of the pâtés and cupcakes. After I found what I was looking for I went back into the orphanage. I took up again the search for my boyfriend. After looking in a couple rooms, I stopped in one room that was like the front room that had a giant wooden entertainment center. I saw my boyfriend slink out from behind it with a couple of the boys. He started yelling at me for coming to look for him. I tried to argue with him but his dark black eyes coldly starred back at me without emotion. He turned to one of the boys and kissed him, looked back at me and said “can’t you see its over, I don’t want to be with just you”. I lowered my head and turned around. Just then flood lights came in through the windows and everyone began to run like the place was on fire. In a panic I too sprinted out of that place.

I got to a far distance I realized I was in a parking lot, my boyfriend no where to be found. It was still night and I couldn’t see anything beyond the street light shinning on the black pavement and yellow strips. I remember thinking that I was in a southern state, like North Carolina. In the south I knew they didn’t use locks so I walked off the parking lot into the darkness in search of a house. I found a small white house which I got into by simply opening the door. The house was dimly lit and completely bare of furniture. I was so tired from running that I laid down on the wood floor on my stomach and felt the sadness of being along. I closed my eyes and got a few moments of sleep before I heard the window violently break open. My eyes flew open as I saw what seemed like a million snakes flowing into the house. They weren’t even snakes but they were long but instead of a head they just had a hole. They were dark green with two black strips circling around the neck before the hole. I jumped to my feet and fled for the back door, my heart beating out of my chest. I ran outside to the parking lot but this time I could see the street beyond the street light. I saw military trucks in rows going down the street. I could make out some of the officers running off the street and collecting people and putting them on a truck. I knew that something was after me, maybe it was the entire world. I crouched down and hid in the bushes. I caught my breathe and quietly headed down the line of bushes away from the house and street.

I came across another home with lights on. I went inside to find people playing card games. I knew these people were friendly so I sat down at the table and began to play. They explained this card game was the most fun game in the world, it was a mix of almost every card game that existed. I started playing when I noticed a jar with giant bees, the size of my hand. I quickly became concerned and then a lady with long brown curly hair laughed and pulled one out of the jar and attempted to hand it to me. I grabbed the bee by pitching the head and making sure that I didn’t get the stinger anywhere near me. The lady laughed as if I was being too cautious. Just then I heard something hit the window, I looked over and saw nothing. Then I heard the noise again, and again and again – getting faster and faster. I could make out of the darkness that it was more of these giant bees trying to get in. I was terrified but the group kept on playing their card game and laughing. I felt my phone ring, I pulled it out of my pocket to see it was my boyfriend calling. I went into the kitchen to talk. He told me in a dry voice that he was in St.Louis and he didn’t know if he could get back.