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What is death

ghost_townLast night I had a dream that I was on a group vacation in a southern state with mountains and a lot of trees. We were all staying at a old house in the country side. It was a bit chilly in the evening when we got there. The owner was there to greet us and  show us around. She was tall, a little over weight, frizzy blond hair and had black circular glasses on. She took us out to the front yard where we could see I steeple of a church above the tree line. She also pointed out the monolithic statues of animals on the mountainside. She took a deep breathe as she starred off at them. My boyfriend and I left to drive around and see the nearby city. We drove through the city and on our way back I noticed pillars and ruins of buildings in the woods on either side of street. I yelled to slow down, I couldn’t tell if we were just driving so fast it was a figment of my imagination or not.  There was clearly on ancient train stop that was dilapidated but the platform was still visible. A shiver went through me. I knew there was something wrong with this place. It felt like death.

We went back to the house and the owner was still there but this time smiling non stop. She hustled us over to a clothing store and insisted we put on uniforms. She complimented the girls we were with saying that looked so lovely in their uniform. Her smile made me feel more and more uneasy. I went into the dressing room to try on my uniform and when I came out I was horrified at what I saw. There were decapitated heads from everyone in the group lying on the floor and there bodies were in a pile in a corner. I ran over the on of the heads and even more disturbing they were not dead. I looked around quickly and no one was dead. Their eyes were wondering around and some even were trying to talk. Something else was happening, the heads were growing something out of their necks…more body parts. It was as if they were transforming into babies. Little arms and legs began sprouting from their severed necks. I heard something moving and saw the owner in the corner with the bodies. She was sinking her teeth into them and draining whatever was left. I saw the colors fade not only from the skin but their clothes too. I grabbed a rod I found on the floor and ran over to her smacking her on the head. I sighed a relief but looked back at the head and they started bleeding and dying.