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On the edge

maxresdefaultLast night I had a dream that I was playing a video game but it was real life.  My friend Ryan that I don’t know that well was there with me. We were standing at the top of a sky scrapper. He explained to me that it wasn’t reality and I shouldn’t have anything to fear. I stood at the top, gripping onto the railing, feeling the cold air cool the nervous sweat from my forehead. Suddenly I gasped as I watched him launch off the railing and plummet to the ground. Seconds later he reappeared next to me smiling. I guess he used on of his lifes. He did it again without saying a word while I still maintained my heavy grip on the cold steel railing. This time he didn’t reappear. I was alone in this game where there was no noise from the streets or the slightest sign of another person. I panicked in my head. My face turned red with anxiety. I knew I had to jump off. I put one leg over the railing and my heart fell out of my chest. I could feel how incredibly high this building was from the ground. Without thinking or breathing I pushed off the building and within a second crashed through a wooden roof and landed next to Ryan in what seemed like an old abandoned building. I could see dust settling in the few beams of light that made it into the building. I was so relieved to see him again but he seemed to be unconcerned at all. I began to open my mouth ask a question to figure out what was happening when out of the corner of my right eye I saw something move. I glanced over and saw three baby brown foxes slowing walking from behind us. At first I was happy to see them then the larger red mother came out bearing her teeth. Oh shit I yelled at Ryan and I pushed him away from the foxes. He didn’t seem to mind at all but I knew what would happen if we stayed. Fox-Family



AsianHornet5cI’ve been having some strange dreams and only remembering vivid parts of them. The night before last I had a dream I was laying in a park field with some friends on a beautiful summer evening. The sun was setting and there was a pleasant orange hue in the sky. We were laughing when we saw a flock of birds coming towards us. At first glance they appeared to be large birds but I realized the way they were swarming around and their colors, they were actually giant bees. The bees came straight for us and my group fled the field for a nearby building, many of my friends screaming the way there. Once inside I was out of breathe, dripping with sweat but slightly relieved to find that I was okay. I looked over to see one of my friends on the ground with giant welts covering her body.  Some of my friends that were able to walk decided to go exploring. I noticed that they were no longer talking or even making eye contact with me. I tried asking questions but they wouldn’t even acknowledge me. I became terrified; my heart beat increasing with every step while walking in this dark house with people that more resembled zombies than my friends. We reached the landing of a giant stairway and an old lady at the top was smiling down at us. At that point my friends finally took notice and started walking towards me. That’s when I bolted away, dogging down hallways, out of breathe, scrambling in the darkness.